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Say no to Plastic Cotton buds !

We almost all have seen this photo of a sea horse holding a plastic cotton bud on the sea.

This photography has been taken near Sumbara Island in Indonesia, yes just here next to us, in the one of the most beautiful place on Earth…

How this can be possible ? Why? What can we do ?

“It’s a photo that I wish didn’t exist but now that it does I want everyone to see it,”Justin Hofman, photographer, wrote on Instagram. “What started as an opportunity to photograph a cute little sea horse turned into one of frustration and sadness as the incoming tide brought with it countless pieces of trash and sewage. This photo serves as an allegory for the current and future state of our oceans.”

Cotton Buds: in the TOP 10 of things polluting Oceans!

Basically cotton buds is one of the 10 most polluting things on the Oceans, this is crazy but that’s explained by its daily use and small size throwing it away anywhere…It’s also dangerous for birds who swallow it, causing perforated stomach..

Plastic cotton buds don’t degrade in Nature (like all kind of plastic..), we found them in Oceans most of the time because people throw them in toilets and then they are not stopped in water treatment.

Some government are taking this problem seriously like France where it will be banned from 2018 !

Most supermarkets in the UK planned to replace Plastic cotton buds against paper ones (supermarkets and manufacturers will always adapt their product to make sure you come back !).

Cotton buds: for what use ?

That’s a good question! To clean ears? Every Doctor and Paediatrician will tell you it’s not good as the wax will not be removed but just pushed at the back, causing health issues.

Did we ever seen an ads for cotton buds used to clean ears???? Never! We do it only because we think it cleans ears…totally psychological action!


Copyright Japan Travel

Mimikaki against Cotton buds, Copyright: Japan Travel

For make up? it might have a needs to remove extra make up under eyes for example. Again, that’s not really useful as we can just remove this extra make up with a reusable cleaning wipe.

So, what are the alternatives ?

  • Paper Cotton Buds: paper is always used as an alternative to replace plastic and that’s true it’s more environmental-friendly, but one thing is always forgotten: what about deforestation? And the use of Cotton which is the second most polluting industry after oil. Single use has always bad environmental impacts, and we need to keep that in mind. Plus, it’s still bad for ears.
  • Mimikaki:  or Ear Pick or Ear Cleaner exist since centuries, mainly in Japan and China. It’s offered at the birth and used an entire life.

Mimikaki: the choice of Frangipani

At Frangipani, we propose only Mimikaki as we truly believe it’s the most economic and ecological way to clean ears. We also are convinced that reusable is always better than single use. In the family (2+1 😉 ), we used it since almost 3 years now and we couldn’t go back to Cotton buds as the advantages are many:

  • Ecological: one bamboo mimikaki for an entire life. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Because it contains naturally-occurring antimicrobial agents, there is no need for using fertilizers or pesticides during its cultivation. Bamboo has a low carbon footprint. Plus all those cotton buds not even bought is such a moral satisfaction!
  • Economic: it’s easy to compare the cost. One bamboo mimikaki costs RM16 in our online shop. One box of 400 cotton buds costs around RM3.9. One mimikaki costs consequently 4 box of cotton buds, quicly amortized.
  • Minimalist: take it when travelling, it doesn’t take any place and helps to avoid cotton buds offered in hotel or taking a box of cotton buds in the luggage.
  • Perfect end of life: bamboo is 100% biodegradable!

Ours are made by a family-owned company in Taiwan and this is one of our Ethics: supporting small family business and not big manufacturers easily found on internet

A word about the use:

The mimikaki helps to remove extra ears thanks to it’s curved form. You just need to place it at the entrance of the ear and turn it gently to take extra wax. Clean it with a bit of water and finger, then dry it with a towel to keep it longer. That’s it! It can be used for kids too, during quiet time.

Switch to bamboo 😉


All you want to know about the Menstrual cup…

…and you never asked for it 😉

Copyright: Blog “Maman sur Terre”

Basically, if you never tried a Menstrual Cup and you’re just aware about it (or not!), you may have some questions:

  • why to use it?
  • how to insert it and remove it?
  • is it really working?
  • is it painful? dangerous?
  • is it hygienic?
  • why it’s not sold everywhere, if it’s so revolutionary??

Some of the questions we’ll try to answer ;-).

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Safety Razor versus Disposable razors

Is the safety razor economic? How can it help to reduce waste? How to use it safely?

These are the questions we are trying to answer by comparing it with its disposables alternatives.


The safety razor is more economic than disposable ones, even if the upfront cost is important.

Here is a short economic study made with existing products:


– Safety Razor + 5Blades : RM150 from our shop + Blades: RM1/ blades from our shop

– Disposable razors: RM17.49/4 razors at Tesco shop (it’s an average)

NB: we don’t count here soaps/shaving cream costs.

Price at supermarket

RM150 on our webshop















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Our Ethics

Biodegradable and Natural

Thanks to their natural ingredients, our handmade products are 100% Biodegradable. That means they don’t pollute our Soil or our Oceans for the next generation. You can use them in the rivers during your retreats 😉

We believe in the power of the Nature and what it gave us. Each product has been precisely formulated with natural ingredients. We try our best to provide you organic ingredients as much as possible: 60% of the ingredients we use are Certified Organic and this rate is the minimum you can find in our products.

We do not have yet the Organic certification but we hope to get it soon.

Carbon Footprint

At Frangipani, we make sure to provide you products the nearest to us to avoid carbon emission.
Globally, main of our manufactured products are from Asian Countries except if we don’t find products with high quality like the Safety Razors.

Fair Trade

We like to support farmers or small manufacturers who provide us the best quality of ingredients or products. Fair Trade is the recognition of their work.


We know, as being Muslims, how it might be hard to find halal personal care products (especially in Europe), even in the most famous soap you may find pork grease..

Moreover our conception of Halal is not only having products alcohol-free and pork-free, it means also being respectful with animals before, during and after using our products.

We do not have yet the Halal certification but we hope to get it soon.


Because we ship the products we need a minimum of packaging to make sure the products will not break during the shipping. All our handmade products are packed with unbleached recycled paper and for some of them printed with soy-ink. They are of course 100% biodegradable and compostable.
Most of our suppliers apply the same philosophy: toothbrush, dental silk floss… are in biodegradable packaging; and we encourage others to avoid plastic.

We try our best to reuse our packaging to send you your parcel so sometimes you may find used plastic packaging or bubble wrap, we received them from some of our suppliers and we prefer to give them a second life.
We encourage you to reuse our packaging for your personal deliveries or storage to give another life to them.

Palm Oil-free

Living in Malaysia opens literally our eyes regarding the dangers of palm oil.

We know palm oil has been used for years and it’s really great (and cheap!) in cosmetic. Anyway we disagree with the way this fruit is produced now, causing Haze and Deforestation.

So that’s why we worked hard to find alternatives for you and you know what? They are great and works better!


Plastic causes such bad pollution everywhere in the world, even in places where Human Being doesn’t live..Each time we buy something in disposable plastic, we fed plastic pollution in oceans and soil and that plastic is still alive somewhere…

At Frangipani, we know how it’s hard to find plastic-free personal care in Malaysia and we aim to propose our products as better alternatives for your health and the Planet.

Save Water

Solid cosmetic are most of them free from water or with the minimum for cold-process soaps or shampoo bar.

They are full of active ingredients, which means all the ingredients of the product have a real action.

This is also why they have longer life, moreover when you buy a solid shampoo, for example, you don’t spend a big part of the money in just water, like for liquid shampoo.

Actually, liquid cosmetics are mainly composed of water; you can see it in their composition (first ingredient described as “aqua” which means water) and so, they need preservatives.

Save water means also that because our products are natural, we don’t pollute water when we produce them and you can use them everywhere, even in the most beautiful Malaysian Island, with no risk to pollute.


Sustainability means providing personal care products having a longer life than their non-sustainable alternatives.

For handmade products, it means a life at least twice longer.

For manufactured products like razors, it means having a product for an entire life.

Naturally, sustainability makes savings, because you don’t need to buy regularly: make the calculation between buying one Safety razor and its blades instead of the plastic ones…


We try our best to provide you vegan products but sometimes we couldn’t find better alternatives: this is the case for our toothbrush or our dental floss.

We really think that plastic is hurting animals worst than using non-vegan alternatives. This is the choice we’ve made and we hope you’ll understand it.