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Safety Razor versus Disposable razors

Is the safety razor economic? How can it help to reduce waste? How to use it safely?

These are the questions we are trying to answer by comparing it with its disposables alternatives.


The safety razor is more economic than disposable ones, even if the upfront cost is important.

Here is a short economic study made with existing products:


– Safety Razor + 5Blades : RM150 from our shop + Blades: RM1/ blades from our shop

– Disposable razors: RM17.49/4 razors at Tesco shop (it’s an average)

NB: we don’t count here soaps/shaving cream costs.

Price at supermarket

RM150 on our webshop

















Time of use

– Blades for Safety razor: 1 per month in average (can be used longer if the blade is dried after each use)

– Disposable razor: 1 per month in average

Easy to compare!



The Double Edge Safety Razor is, here, amortized in 3years. Make the calculation with your current disposable razor or hair removal cream. In how long will you amortize a safety razor?


Impact on the environment


– Our safety razors come plastic-free and with recyclable packaging. Thanks to our supplier, even the free blades sent with are plastic-free.

– Disposable razors always come in plastic packaging

End of life

– Safety razors are made in 100% Stainless steel, they last for 10years minimum and then are 100% recyclable. The blades, made entirely in Stainless steel, are also recyclable.

– Disposable razors are not recyclable at the date of writing. They go directly to landfills after 1 month of use.

Disposable razors are made entirely in plastic and they don’t degrade in the Nature. In the US alone, 2 billions razors are disposed every year…!


How to use a Safety Razor


I think this is the most important part of this post for you: will you cut yourself by using a Safety razor? No, if you change your practice.

Here is a great video showing how to shave with a Safety Razor.

The video is quite long as this lady is explaining all in details. Anyway, it’s comforting; plus, we love that Edwin Jagger Rose Safety Razor 😉



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