Yuan Tai is based in Bamboo Hill/Zhushan, a township in Taiwan. When OA Lin, Yuan Tai’s second-generation owner, went home to take over the small factory of 150 square meters, he did not receive a single order at first. He realized that there must be a total transformation to let bamboo re-enter our daily life. Seeing bamboo as one of the most environmentally friendly materials, he handmade the “Feel Good” Toothbrush—the first bamboo toothbrush that was made in Taiwan —with locally harvested bamboo, along with completely biodegradable lacquer coating and horsehair bristle. Now consumers have a natural alternative to plastic toothbrushes. Yuan Tai now aims to achieve sustainability by running a zero-waste factory. They hope to let everyone live eco-friendly and still feel good.

Bamboo Cutlery Set