What is a vegan alternative to lanolin?

Rice bran oil, a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine and skin care products, provides a healthful alternative to lanolin. The oil contains high levels of antioxidants, including vitamin E. Rice bran oil can be whipped with cosmetic-grade butters to provide a creamy consistency.

What can I substitute for lanolin?


What is it? The refined waxy substance removed from sheep’s wool.
Alternatives & Substitutions Hydrogenated castor oil has a similar consistency and would probably be my first choice for a substitute; otherwise, a soft butter would be a decent alternative.

What is vegan lanolin?

Lanolin is the greasy emulsifying byproduct of the wool industry, and is often used in hand creams, lip balms, and mascara. It can also be found in some lubricants, can be used to soften baseball gloves, and is occasionally added to garments to make them water resistant.

Is there cruelty-free lanolin?

Many people believe that lanolin is a cruelty free item that comes from the wool of sheep as they are shorn. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The majority if the time, the sheep have been slaughtered for their meat and the lanolin is a by product of this meat industry.

Why is lanolin bad?

Lanolin has long been used in the skin care and cosmetics industry as an effective emollient, commonly used in body creams and lotions to lock in much-needed moisture and prevent water loss. But lanolin also has a bad rep for irritating sensitive skin and causing allergic reactions.

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Are sheep killed for lanolin?

BUT DO SHEEP DIE IN THE PRODUCTION OF LANOLIN, SPECIFICALLY? Technically-speaking, sheep do not die as a direct result of lanolin production because it is obtained from their wool. However, as sheep age, their wool production gradually slows (just as humans lose density in eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair).

Can I use Vaseline instead of lanolin?

How safe are Vaseline and Aquaphor? Aquaphor and Vaseline are generally safe for use. But if you have an allergy to lanolin, then you should not use Aquaphor. Vaseline is still safe for use because it contains nothing other than petroleum jelly.

Is lanolin plant based?

Lanolin. This emollient is derived from sheep wool, and is a common ingredient in lip products (balms, sticks, glosses), as well as hair products. … Synthetic (and plant-based) lanolin exists, but be wary of so-called ‘cruelty-free’ lanolin, which may be still be derived from wool.

What is lanolin allergy?

Your patch test result indicates that you have a contact allergy to wool alcohols (lanolin). This contact allergy may cause your skin to react when it is exposed to this substance although it may take several days for the symptoms to appear. Typical symptoms include redness, swelling, itching and fluid-filled blisters.

Is Lanolips vegan?

Dermatologically tested, this multitasking hero is vegetarian and baby friendly, cruelty-free and is free from ‘nasties’, making it an absolute no brainer.

Is lansinoh vegan?

VEGAN FRIENDLY and not tested on animals. LANOLIN FREE – Lanolin is made from sheep wool grease. NOT just for nipples – an excellent intensive moisturiser for all parts of the body.

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Do humans produce lanolin?

3.3 Lanolin as a By-Product of Wool Production. Lanolin is a wax ester—a lanolin acid (mixture of 170 fatty acids) covalently linked to lanolin alcohol (e.g., sterol). Lanolin is similar in function to sebum that comes from sebaceous glands in the human skin. Sebum, like lanolin, acts to waterproof hair and skin.

Can Vegans have beeswax?

Vegans typically classify honey and beeswax to be non-vegan because they consider the bees are ‘exploited’ by harvesting the honey and that their health is sacrificed when the honey and wax are harvested – hence not adhering to this above definition.

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