What curry dishes are dairy free?

Is any Indian food dairy free?

While South Indians rarely cook with paneer (cheese), neither North nor South Indian cooking is reliably dairy-free. The diversity of milk-based offerings complicates finding reliably vegan food at Indian restaurants. No cuisine is more likely to contain undetectable amounts of milk, cream, ghee.

Is there dairy in tikka masala?

Tikka masala is traditionally made with meat (most often chicken) marinated in yogurt and spices and cooked separately from the sauce, which is typically a blend of ginger, garlic, onion, tomatoes, cream (dairy), and spices like garam masala.

What Indian takeaway dishes are dairy free?

What are Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free foods?

  • Chicken Tikka (Gluten-Free) …
  • Vegetable Pakoras (Dairy and Gluten-Free) …
  • Chana Saag ( Dairy and Gluten-free) …
  • Dal Makhani (Dairy and Gluten-free) …
  • Achari Murgh Masala (Dairy & Gluten-free) …
  • Lamb Vindaloo (Dairy and Gluten-free) …
  • Fish Malabari (Dairy and Gluten-free)

Does garlic naan have dairy?

As you can tell, naan typically contains dairy products. It won’t contain all of the dairy products listed above, but it will use 1 to 2 of them. If you’re at a restuarant that doesn’t specalize in vegan food, it’s best to avoid any naan bread as it is definitely non-vegan.

Is there dairy in curry sauce?

Curry sauce does not have dairy products in it and it is water-based. Some chefs may choose to use dairy or coconut milk to make it denser, but this is not a rule. … Curry is native to Indian cuisine and consists of a mixture of dried spices and/or fresh herbs, usually including fresh or dried hot peppers.

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Does panang curry have dairy?

A simple Thai classic full of flavors. Chicken Penang Curry is a rich curry paste mixed with coconut milk and Thai ingredients for a hearty and creamy chicken curry stir fry dish. Gluten free and dairy free too. Traveling and not gaining weight in no easy task.

Is Chicken Jalfrezi dairy free?

350g – Gluten free, dairy free and high protein

Tender pieces of chicken breast cooked with green chillies, peppers, sliced onions, tomato and very rich spices with a thick sauce.

Is Rogan Josh dairy free?

This authentic recipe is naturally Gluten-free and Dairy-free. Rogan Josh is a Persian dish consisting of lamb or mutton that is slow-cooked in aromatic spices. … As the hot seeds from the chillis are normally removed, Rogan Josh is actually a fairly mild dish.

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