Is Turkish Delight dairy free?

Is Turkish delight gluten and dairy free?

All of our fudge and turkish delight is suitable for vegans and is dairy and lactose free.

Does Turkish rice have gluten?

Turkish pilav (cooked rice with various spices and additions) is often a good gluten-free choice, but watch out for pilavs that contain small amounts of noodles, usually in the form of orzo (small oblong “grains” of wheat pasta) or vermicelli (slender “spaghetti”), added for visual and gustatory interest.

What is a level 5 vegan?

Several seasons after the McCartney episode, the Level 5 Vegan term was coined in an episode titled, “Lisa The Tree Hugger.” The episode defined a Level 5 Vegan as someone who never eats anything that casts a shadow.

Can Vegans eat baklava?

Baklava has always been one of my favorite desserts. I love the lightly sweet flavor and the crispy phyllo dough texture. But of course, traditional baklava is loaded with honey and butter, and therefore not vegan.

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