Is Trader Joe’s Thai green curry simmer sauce vegan?

Trader Joe’s recently reformulated their Thai Green Curry simmer sauce, and while it isn’t labelled as vegan, it seems to be (unless the sugar isn’t verified–which it’s not in a lot of products), so check out the ingredients below for yourself. … For a $1.99 jar of pre-made sauce, this was delightful.

Is Trader Joe’s Thai green curry simmer sauce gluten free?

General Product Information

Gluten-free information on product packaging: This product is not labeled gluten-free.

Does Thai curry sauce have dairy?

Indian curry uses dairy products.

Thai curries almost never use dairy products. Thai food is usually cooked in coconut oil or peanut oil and uses coconut milk or chicken stock as broth.

Does Trader Joe’s have curry powder?

Trader Joe’s Curry Powder 51 Grams, 1.8oz.

Is there any dairy in curry?

Most curries are water-based, with occasional use of dairy and coconut milk. Curry dishes are usually thick and spicy and are eaten along with steamed rice and a variety of Indian breads.

Is Thai curry better the next day?

We’ve talked a lot about taste. Does the texture of leftover food improve over time? Yes, it can, at least a stew or a curry or a sauce can become thicker and creamier.

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