Is the French bread at Jimmy Johns vegan?

Breads. The French bread and the thick-sliced wheat bread are both considered to be vegan at Jimmy John’s. … Additionally, on the allergen information guide published by Jimmy John’s there is no milk or egg allergen listed in either of these bread types. The 9-Grain bread has some confusion concerning the ingredients.

Does Jimmy Johns French bread have dairy?

According to the their Allergen Guide, all of Jimmy John’s bread varieties are free from dairy and egg based ingredients. Therefore, their breads are most likely vegan! However, some forums online state that their wheat bread contains Honey.

Does Jimmy John’s lunch meat have nitrates?

Jimmy John’s is a franchised sandwich chain with thousands of locations across the U.S. They specialize in fresh food fast, and heavily promote their speedy delivery. They also slice all-natural meats daily that have no artificial ingredients or added nitrates, nitrites, hormones, or MSG.

Is Jimmy John’s healthy?

Sub sandwiches are Jimmy John’s specialty and are the better nutritional choice over their club sandwiches. … The clubs tend to have more saturated fat due to the added bacon. Overall, the #4 Turkey Tom with no mayo (321 calories/.

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Does Drew Brees own Jimmy Johns?

According to Franchise Times Brees is the owner of 5 Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches’ franchises and plans to own 20 more. Jimmy Johns was founded in 1983 by a 19 year old with a dream and hustle.


Sandwich Time Sandwich Grade
#1 Pepe 2:59.32 5/10
#2 Big John 58.34 4/10
#3 Totally Tuna 42.87 2/10
#4 Turkey Tom 1:22.87 7 /10

Does Jimmy John’s have a secret menu?

If you like secret menus from your favorite restaurant chains, you’re going to love the Jimmy John’s secret menu. … Like Arby’s and Subway, you can customize your Jimmy John’s gourmet sandwich. You can order a Little John to get a skinny version of your favorite sandwich.

Does Jimmy John’s really sell day-old bread?

Bread is baked fresh throughout the day, meat is sliced in the store, produce is cut fresh every morning, and tuna salad is made on-premises as well. If you want day-old bread you can purchase it for just 50 cents, but be warned: it’ll be pretty stale.

Can you just buy Jimmy Johns bread?

Available across the country immediately, we will be offering Freaky Fresh® Bread on Demand: freshly baked bread delivered to our guests any way they want it – curbside pickup, drive-thru, or contactless delivery to their door.” Jimmy John’s famous French bread is homemade and freshly baked all day, every day.

How much is Jimmy Johns French bread?

The sandwich slinger said 16in loaves of its signature French bread are now available via delivery, the drive-thru, and curbside pickup. The breads are $2 a pop, and if you’re ordering it for delivery, there’s a $3 minimum, though both prices may vary based on location, according to a spokesperson.

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Why does Jimmy John’s only have provolone?

Because Jimmy’s whole thing is being freaky fast, which means keeping ingredients to a minimum. Provolone goes well with all of the meats we carry.

How much is a Jimmy Johns veggie sub?

Jimmy John’s Menu Prices

Food Size Price
Vegetarian 8 in. $5.50
J.J.B.L.T 8 in. $5.50
Plain Slims® Any Sub Minus The Veggies and Sauce
Ham & Cheese 8 in. $4.25
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