Is Rocky Mountain Chocolate gluten free?

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. Hi Cricket – our single origin Guittard bars are gluten-free, but otherwise everything that is produced in factory is produced on machines that have the potential to be cross-contaminated with gluten, so we caution everyone of that.

Are Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory truffles gluten free?

These are NOT gluten-free. Now, the hard to call. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is an interesting case. On their website, it says “ SHARES EQUIPMENT WITH PEANUTS, ALMONDS, CASHEWS, HAZELNUTS, MACADAMIAS, PECANS, WALNUTS, WHEAT, MILK, EGG & SOY.

Does Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory have ice cream?

They have a great selection of fudge, brittle, toffee apples, ice cream and chocolate.

Are any Merci chocolates gluten free?

Our products are not considered gluten free. If you have medical reasons not to eat products containing gluten, we would suggest not eating any Storck products at this time.

What Merci chocolates are gluten free?

The merci product Finest Selection Assorted Almond variety is not gluten-free, as it contains wheat protein and wheat malt. Most merci products meet Health Canada standards for gluten-free foods (no more than 20 ppm of gluten per product), however, we have chosen not to label our products as “gluten-free” at this time.

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How much are caramel apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory?

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Menu Prices

Item Price
Apple Pie caramel Apple A large granny smith apple, apply a thick coat of fresh, creamy caramel, and dip it in sweet white confection. Roll it in brown sugar and cinnamon. $8.25
M&M Caramel Apple Caramel, M&Ms $7.97
Pecan Apple A caramel apple rolled in pecans. $7.19

How many calories are in a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory?

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate FactoryMilk Chocolate Caramels – Bite Sized 2 pc (33 g) Nutrition Facts 160 calories Log food
Rocky Mountain Chocolate FactoryDark Chocolate Seafoam 1 pc (36 g) Nutrition Facts 150 calories Log food

Is Rocky Mountain Chocolate ethically sourced?

Will the cocoa be certified ethical by a third party or independent organization? Yes, both Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and our suppliers are aware of the issues and are committed to playing a strong role in the global effort on these issues.

How much does a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise cost?

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Franchise Costs & Fees

Name of Fee Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $5,000 $24,500
Real Estate and Improvements $12,000 $211,000
Furniture and Fixtures $17,000 $30,000
Equipment $25,000 $82,981

Does Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory have sugar free?

SUGAR FREE! truffles,clusters,bears, barks, melt-away, malt balls, peanuts, pecan,pretzels,raisins, macadamia , peanut butter cups,are just a few of the (SUGAR FREE) chocolates we carry.

How long does Rocky Mountain Chocolate last?

The shelf life of a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel apple, Ellis said, is anywhere from five to seven days. “The Red Candy apples will last five days, she said, that is if they are not sliced. “Once you cut them they will start to turn due to it being a fruit,” she said.

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Does Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory have fudge?

The traditional fudge of all time. Plenty of plump, ripe walnuts rolled in a creamy milk chocolate base. Smooth and nutty. One Pound Slice.

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