Is Chris Sharma a vegetarian?

Is Alex megos vegan?

Although Alex Megos is known for his love of Carrots, he is not vegan. As he explains in this video, Megos enjoys a variety of meat, fish and veggies.

Who is better than Alex Honnold?

Even those who are more famous, like Alex Honnold, say that Adam Ondra is the best climber on earth. “He’s basically rewritten climbing the past 10 years,” Honnold said. Ondra has climbed three of the four hardest routes in the world; no one else has done more than one.

Who is the best climber in the world?

These Are the 10 Best Climbers in the World (2020)

  • Stefano Ghisolfi.
  • Shauna Coxsey.
  • Rishat Khaibullin.
  • Jakob Schubert.
  • Ashima Shiraishi.
  • Sebastian Bouin.
  • Tomoa Narasaki.
  • Janja Garnbredt.

Does Alex megos drink alcohol?

Although Alex doesn’t drink, he understood our need to pay respect to a man who inspired our climbing youth, and with flip-flops, sunglasses, and a smile, he raised a tall glass of beer to one of his country’s most celebrated hardmen. With more than 8,000 routes at 1,000 crags, the Frankenjura can be overwhelming.

Why does Alex megos eat carrots?

The idea behind Carrots for Power developed years ago. I was looking for a vegetable that I could take to the crag, one that wouldn’t get mushed in your backpack and that was healthy. … Carrots are the perfect vegetable to eat at the crag because you can eat them raw, bring them everywhere, and they last for a long time.

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What does Adam Ondra eat?

I asked Adam about his diet, and he described what he eats as a lot of nuts and seeds, he eats a lot of grains, he eats a lot of vegetables and fruits. The main difference that he said between his diet now and his diet a few years ago is that he figured out that he needs more protein.

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