Best answer: What wine goes best with vegetarian food?

Give Chardonnay a chance. Even if you think you don’t like it, Chardonnay is a wonderful food wine, and comes into its own with so many vegetarian dishes, as do wines made from Viognier, and Marsanne/Roussanne blends. Remember that rosé is a great food wine, going well with all sorts of dishes, light or spicy.

What wine goes well with vegetarian dishes?

Some Favorites

Dish Recommended Wines
Barbecue dishes such as tofu, fish and vegetables Syrah or Merlot
Sushi Sparkling Wine/Champagne
Nachos and other Mexican dishes Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc or Tempranillo
Dishes with almonds or walnuts Chardonnay

What wine goes with veggie stir fry?

With green vegetable-rich stir-fries

Look for whites that have a similar type of green or herbal flavor, including Sauvignon Blanc (those from New Zealand are especially good with Asian food) as well as inexpensive versions of Austrian Grüner Veltliner.

What vegetable goes with cabernet sauvignon?

Grilling veggies gives them a nice added savory element and amplifies their flavor enough for them to be a great match with a Cabernet Sauvignon. Some veggies that work best are eggplants, peppers, and squash.

What wines go best with Indian food?

Meat curries match well with a red such as a full-bodied Pinot Noir or more delicate Shiraz. Chicken, seafood, and vegetable curries, on the other hand, go quite nicely with the acidity and fruitiness of a Pinot Grigio or Gewürztraminer. Again, make sure to keep the sauce and spice level in mind.

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What kind of wine goes with beef and broccoli?

Suggested Wine Pairings

This dish pairs well with low tannin red wines, along with off-dry Rieslings which are good all-around wines. You can also mix things up with an Asian beer such as Tsingtao or Sapporo.

How do you pair wine for dinner?

Check out our top tips for throwing a killer wine pairing dinner that will impress but not stress:

  1. It’s Important to Offer Choices.
  2. Start with Something Light.
  3. Make Salad Sensational.
  4. Enter the Entrée.
  5. Surprise with a chicken or fish dish in a creamy white sauce.
  6. Choose roast pork tenderloin with plenty of umami.
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