Best answer: What NFL players are vegan?

Former linebacker Derrick Morgan is the real vegan deal. When he played for the Tennessee Titans, it was rumored that more than 25% of the team was also following a vegan meal plan—with the help of plant-based chef Charity Morgan, who also happens to be Derrick’s wife!

Are there any vegans in the NFL?

Andre Patton – Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Chargers

Patton only went vegan a few months ago and his main reason for the switch was because he doesn’t like what the meat industry does to its products. Unlike some others, he doesn’t even miss eating meat.

Is Tony Gonzalez a vegan?

Here’s a USA Today article all about future NFL Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez. After sitting next to a vegan on a plane (it wasn’t me), Gonzalez has adopted a primarily vegan diet with some added fish. That marks a huge break from the red meat menu of most NFL stars.

Are the Titans all vegan?

Roughly 15 players on the Titans roster now eat vegan all or most of the time—nearly 30 percent of the team. Derrick’s transformation began in 2017 when he enlisted a nutritionist to help him gain energy and a competitive edge. She suggested different supplements and then threw out a radical idea: Cut meat and dairy.

Is Tom Brady a vegan or a vegetarian?

No, he’s not. But according to his personal chef, Allen Campbell, Tom eats a diet consisting of 80% vegetables.

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Who is the number 1 quarterback of all time?

Aaron Rodgers is the most talented quarterback of all time (for now). He holds a 4.6 touchdown-to-interception ratio. For reference, that’s twice the rate of Drew Brees, who is widely regarded as the most accurate passer of all time.

Does Tom Brady own purple carrot?

Purple Carrot has hitched itself to the popular plant-based eating trend and forged a few star-power deals to gain visibility — most notably New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who lent his name to the company’s $78-a-week “TB12” diet, which is modeled after his own culinary regimen.

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