Are Nabisco chocolate wafers vegan?

What happened to Nabisco chocolate wafers?

Uneeda Bakers, a long-ago division of the National Biscuit Company (now just known as Nabisco), originally offered the simple chocolate wafers as well as ginger and sugar ones. Those two flavors eventually were discontinued, but the chocolate ones have endured.”

Is bauducco chocolate wafers vegan?

Our delicious triple layered wafer recipe is unique because it is crispy, delicate and backed with the finest ingredients. No Artificial Colors or Flavors and no High Fructose corn syrup, Vegan, Lactose Free, Peanut Free, Kosher certified.

Do chocolate graham crackers have honey?

Made with real chocolate for delicious flavor. Classic crunchy texture. Enjoy these chocolate crackers as a snack or special dessert. Each 31 g serving has 8 g of whole grain.

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Features No cholesterol, Low saturated fat, 5G fiber
Food Allergen Statements Soybean / Soya / Soy, Wheat

How many calories are in a chocolate wafer?

Chocolate Wafer: 280 calories per cone. See nutrition information for total fat and saturated fat content. New!

How do you make chocolate melting wafers?

Using microwave to melt chocolate wafers is convenient and fast method. Place the wafers in a microwave-safe dish. Set the microwave to 50% power and zap for 15 second increments. Remove the dish and stir thoroughly, if necessary keep microwaving for 10 to 15 second intervals to melt completely.

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