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Powders’ power to wash hair!

Women all around the world used to wash their hair with powders before liquid shampoo appears.

In some places (India, Morocco..) it’s still the case and this way of washing hair comes back now in our modern societies via the ‘No Poo’ method.

Thanks to the Nature, each powder has its own benefit and combining them is really great for hair. It’s not about just washing hair, it’s about giving them nutrients they need.

Before to be added to one of our solid shampoos formulation, each plant, root, fruit or clay used for hair has been deeply investigated.

We would like, now, to give you more details about those powders and how they are awesome fro washing hair!

Kapur kachri powder

Kapur kachri is a wild ginger extracted from plant’s root in India.

It makes hair healthy, thick, shiny and fragrant. Stimulates the roots and helps in the growth of hair.

→ Dry/Hull hair shampoo bar and Hair fall shampoo bar.

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Safety Razor versus Disposable razors

Is the safety razor economic? How can it help to reduce waste? How to use it safely?

These are the questions we are trying to answer by comparing it with its disposables alternatives.


The safety razor is more economic than disposable ones, even if the upfront cost is important.

Here is a short economic study made with existing products:


– Safety Razor + 5Blades : RM150 from our shop + Blades: RM1/ blades from our shop

– Disposable razors: RM17.49/4 razors at Tesco shop (it’s an average)

NB: we don’t count here soaps/shaving cream costs.

Price at supermarket

RM150 on our webshop















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What’s inside the Solid Mint Toothpaste ?

For the “what’s inside?” section, the first product we decide to “dissect” is our Organic Solid Mint toothpaste!

It’s our bestsellers since we’ve started and the one for which we have the most of…curiosities!

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