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Welcome to Frangipani

Frangipani Shop aims to provide you with the best Zero Waste Solutions for your personal care routine.

We hope you will enjoy our products.

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What’s Inside?

Today we inaugurate a new part of our website: our blog!

In fact we already shared with you our ethics but we think that to be more “inside” will be interesting, still to answer to our objective to be totally transparent ;-).

This is the “What’s inside?” section!


Basically, this section is a must to have as most of the time we don’t really know what cosmetics contain:

  • There are too many ingredients
  • Most of them are not comprehensible except if you have a PHD in Chemical
  • Some brands market their product on exceptional ingredients that will change us (straightening hair, etc) but in fact most of the time this “wonderful ingredient” don’t reach a concentration of 1%, one example: Argan Oil!
  • They contain artificial perfume to give the sensation to smell good.

The list is really long and our aim is first to give you what’s inside our products.