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The bamboo toothbrush: a baby step with huge environmental benefits!

If you want to go Zero Waste and don’t know where to start – after replacing plastic bags by reusable ones, which is the first step ever – switching the plastic toothbrush by a bamboo toothbrush is the best next baby step.

Plastic toothbrush and Environmental disaster

Plastic doesn’t disappear..

Plastic toothbrushes are a nightmare for the environment, they are used approximately for 3 months and then they are not recycled because they are made with many types of plastic, so they just go to landfills or like here they finish on an Hawaiian beach…

Knowing that 4.7billions of plastic toothbrushes are consumed every year in the world, the switch needs to be done urgently.

Plus, putting plastic in the mouth twice a day is not really good for the health.

The toothbrush and its history

Oral hygiene is very important and has always been. Egyptian civilization using chewsticks is the first evidence of this oral hygiene. In Islamic world, Miswak is still used to clean teeth, gum and mouth.

Overtime, the earliest invention of the first bristle toothbrush, similar to the modern toothbrush, was found in China, during the Tang Dynasty. The materials used for this brush consisted of hog hair for bristles and bamboo or bone for handles and at the time was a big technological advancement.

Old Chinese Toothbrushes

Thanks to this creation, travelers brought this toothbrush to Europe during the 17th century, where it slowly gained popularity.

The modern toothbrush is then born with Nylon bristles in 1938. By the turn of the 21st century, plastic became the standard and the stupidity expands…

Ecological alternative : the revival of Wooden/Bamboo toothbrush

Basically, if you still need or want to brush your teeth instead of using a miswak, wooden/bamboo toothbrush is the best alternative.

Some companies which have stopped the production of bamboo toothbrush (and other bamboo items) come back on the market (like Feel Good, a family-owned business in Taiwan, where our toothbrushes are sourced). Others start locally.

Bamboo toothbrushes are most of the time made with Moso bamboo. Originated in Asia, Moso bamboo is a commercial species (not eating by Panda). It can be harvested in three years with no need of pesticide. Compared with the longer growth period of wood, bamboo has a relatively smaller environmental impact. And it’s 100% biodegradable.

Wooden toothbrushes can be found in Europe, mainly from sustainable forest.

In South East Asia, bamboo toothbrushes is the best local solution.

100% Biodegradable bamboo toothbrush with Horsehair

A word about the bristles

Nylon bristles have been for a while specified as biodegradable by some manufacturers (themselves mistaken by their bristles subcontractor). There is no biodegradable nylon on the market and if you want to compost a bamboo toothbrush made with those bristles, you need to remove them first. They are not yet recycled as they are too small for that.

For this reason, at Frangipani, we decided to propose only bamboo toothbrush made with animal hair.

Horsehair seems to be the best solution as it’s convenient for Muslims too and the Horses are not abused as their hair are just been trimmed like we do ours. Consequently, the bamboo toothbrushes we propose are 100% biodegradable with no debate about the bristles.

In short, stop brushing with plastic and make the switch for you and your family!



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