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Welcome to Frangipani

Frangipani Shop aims to provide you with the best Zero Waste Solutions for your personal care routine.

We hope you will enjoy our products.

Happy Zero Waste Shopping  😉

About Us

Frangipani is your next stop to go Plastic-free and start your Zero Waste journey.

I’ve started my own Zero Waste journey in 2015. And I think It’s not impossible to refuse plastic pollution if you find a reusable alternative that will last longer, the plus? You will save money on a long term basis. Think about all those single use products that you buy, use once and then throw: cotton buds, feminine pads, disposable razors…

Frangipani was born with the idea to bring you reusable alternatives to disposables, long life products instead of flush ones, multi-usage products to simplify your bathroom routine and so on.

Sustainable products mean also sustainable ingredients; that’s why all our handmade products are palm-oil free, natural and organic and they are fully biodegradable.

Yes the products with our own logo are handmade by myself: Organic toothpaste, shampoo, soap and deodorants have unique recipes and don’t need any plastic packaging thanks to their solid form.

Selling products online gives the opportunity to everyone to get access to this zero waste experience whatever the location.

We ship totally plastic-free accordingly to our ethics (yes even our tape is biodegradable!) and we try first to reuse packaging (old news paper..).

We also challenge all our suppliers to follow our rules to ship us plastic free: this will prevent you to purchase something that has come in plastic packaging.

I really hope you will appreciate shopping with us, please do let me know any suggestion, remark or request by contacting me here.


Malika, a passionate French-Morroccan